Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coining a phrase

Last night, a friend and I were walking out of a bar when we passed a group of hipsters waiting to be seated. I haven't seen that many ironic T-shirts and thick-framed glasses since the last time I visited Brooklyn.

As we walked away, my friend and I discussed what a group of hipsters would be called. A flock? A gaggle? A murder?

I decided that this was a question that could only be answered by the collective wisdom of The Internet.

A few suggestions of mine are listed below ... feel free to chime in with votes or suggestions.

1) A porkpie of hipsters.

2) A Pitchfork of hipsters.

3) A trust fund of hipsters.

4) A Nader of hipsters.

5) A Gladwell of hipsters.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

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Friday, September 16, 2011

More Palin Revelations

Author Joe McGinnis recently made headlines with some of the revelations from his upcoming book on Sarah Palin — that she allegedly did cocaine, cheated on her husband and had a one-night stand with a future NBA star. However, those are only some of the details from the upcoming blockbuster. What are the most shocking facts revealed about Palin?

1) Earned her nickname "Sarah Barracuda" not through her tenacious play on the basketball court but by her fang-like teeth, large swim bladder and two dorsal fins.

2) Quit as governor of Alaska when she realized how fucking cold it gets there during the winter.

3) Ended all successful political campaigns by eating her opponent's heart so she could gain their courage.

4) During absences as governor while on McCain presidential campaign, left bingo-playing chicken in charge of state business.

5) Rider for all speeches includes bowl of M&Ms with chocolate removed.

6) Was almost Vice-President of the United States.