Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Seattle Times Readers Enrage Me

Whenever you run a column about education, you can be sure crazy people will make comments. They did.

Pick up a 1985 phonebook. Turn to the blue pages. That should be the size of government period.

Pick up a hedgehog. Hollow out the hedgehog (careful, he'll try to bite). Then light that dead, hollow hedgehog on fire. Government should be the size of the papers you can fit inside that burning hedgehog.

Get the labor unions off our campuses and truly open up those jobs to the best qualified rather than the union pecking order list. I've seen enough people hiding in campus parking lots in a van or asleep at their desk when you walk in.

I do not believe for one sweet second that you have literally seen somebody asleep at their desk at the University of Washington. Maybe you saw that in an episode of Barney Fife. Is that what you're thinking of? Barney Fife?

Children who wish to attend college need to work during the summers as teens, save that up for tuition, and then work while going to college, and not rely soley on parents or student loans to fund the college education.

The average expenses for students living at home in 2010-2011 is projected to be $15,000. The average expenses for students living on campus is $22,000. If a kid can find a job to pay for that over one or two summers, they should keep that job forever because it's amazing.

The Average (salaries) are approx $120,000 for a State worker vs $60,000 for a private industry worker.

In 2007, the Secretary of State made $114,000. Am I to believe that average state employee - and there are more than 400,000 of them - made more than the Secretary of State? Because I do not.

Someone mentioned there are six employees at the UW for every student, and those employees are well paid, have excellent health insurance, fixed pension, etc. And the professors earning six figures for part time teaching? Janitors at the UW earn about $18 an hour. In the private sector, is (sic) more like $9 an hour. Now you know the reason costs are high!

1) There are more than 40,000 students at the University of Washington. If there were six employees for every one of them, the University of Washington would employ more than 240,000 people, which is more people than there are living in Orlando, Florida.

2) I like how this commenter is angry that employees at one of the best universities in the country are "well-paid" and receive "excellent health insurance." WHY ARE THEY NOT LIVING IN SHANTIES AND DINING ON A STEW MADE FROM PIGEON BONES AND RAT MEAT?

3) There is no way every employee at the UW gets a pension. No. Freakin'. Way.

4) I'm too lazy to actually look this up, but I'm pretty sure professors who make "six figures for teaching one class a week" are usually researchers or scientists who spend the rest of their time curing cancer or whatever.